The services of neoCustoms are an innovative response to the current business needs of the Polish and European market.
The neoCustoms team offers a wide range of assistance in the implementation of all customs obligations, directing this support to all parties involved in the fulfilment of customs obligations, in addition to customs authorities.
Due to the complexity of the EU customs legislation, the speed of legal changes – the correct fulfilment of all customs obligations imposed on parties involved in the trade of goods and the supply chain is very difficult. This leads to customs-tax or business risks, but also often to a suboptimal way of fulfilling such obligations.
The neoCustoms team combines the features of many other entities to ensure a safe and optimal way of handling customs formalities. The assistance of our brokers, agents and specialists can be one-off or permanent – depending on the needs of our clients.
If you need assistance with your customs obligations, including special customs procedures or unusual cases – please contact the neoCustoms Team.